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MODEL           LENGTH          QTY. PP
                                          L30             3.0"            10PP

                                             Keitech Custom Leech Features:
                                                - Strong squid scent
                 - Specific plastics densities for maintaining horizontal positioning/balance
                                      - Custom Keitech 2-tone color process

                                   101C GREEN PUMPKIN PP.                                     440 ELECTRIC SHAD

                                              109C ICE FISH                                102C WATERMELON PP.

         TONE COLOR PROCESS: Our 2-tone injection   DESIGN: The Keitech Custom Leech can be rigged   PACKAGING: Baits are kept in perfect condition
        process allowed us to make some o  our best   either vertically or horizontally to appear as a   with our blister package.
                    colors yet.                        bait sh or leech.
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