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MODEL          LENGTH          QTY. PP
                                          NF35             3.5"           5PP

                                            Keitech Noisy Flapper™ Features:
                                         - Deadly extremely-slow retrieve
                      - Great for low light conditions, weightless to help minimize splash
                                      - Custom Keitech 2-tone color process
                                   - Salt impregnated with Strong Squid scent

                                            009 WHITE                           468 LIME CHARTREUSE PP
       001 BLACK

       465 GREEN PUMPKIN FROG               401 GREEN PUMPKIN /                 466 WATERMELON/RED PEARL

       413 BLACK BLUE                       467 BLACK RED BELLY                 469 GREEN FROG

          The Noisy Flapper is made from two types of   The thing that makes the Noisy Flapper special is   The special blister package keeps the baits
         durable plastic. The top is a high  otation no   its ability to churn water even at the slowest of   straight and preserves the quality of the baits.
        salt plastic. The bottom is a heavily salted plastic  speeds.             No expense was sparred to deliver the perfect
                                                                                         action to our customers.
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